Friday, November 19, 2010

Chloe's 19th Birthday Celebration - Goodwood Park Hotel

Photo entry! :)
(p.s. It's really late in the night now.. 
I spent a good 1 hour trying to load these pictures in the net. Yawn.)
(p.s.s I think I'll add the captions tomorrow)

[Updated! With photo captions. Enjoy :) ]

We were invited to attend Chloe's 19th Birthday bash!
It's a lingerie/pajama party!!
Yes, the guys sure got the the feast of their life seeing the Birthday girl sexily clad in an expensive lingerie.

Okay, I look nothing like I am wearing a sleep wear.
I was waiting for Audrey to bring it to me.
(She does lingerie shoots in the past, thus she has a hefty collection for me to choose from heh heh. That kinky girl.)
See the "covering-the-eyes" thing my sister had on?
It was gift to me from Celeste and Apple!

That's the birthday girl Chloe.
With thousand and one of her friends!

*oops close up!*

There was this controversy about the flavour of this cake.
Some of Chloe's closer friends lied to her that that was a custom made Wasabi cake.
But nah, it wasn't. I can't really make out the taste either.

Finally, a picture with the Birthday girl!
She was so busy attending to her thousand and one friends.
Damn tough to finally stop her and snap a shot!

Chloe is one of the few sweetest girls I've ever met.
Really sweet, candid and lovable!

This is our rendition of the "Blow Job".
We're all joking that it must be a black guy's...
It's suppose to be a fancy bar drink kinda thing that comes in small shot glasses filled
with Baileys and whipped cream.
Yes, it's a lady's drink.

All the liquour.
But what a pity, she wasn't drunk that night!


See how cute they look with the whipped cream on their noses.

That's not the sexy whipped cream thing that you are thinking about.
It's the smashed up greenish BD cake.

Anyway, I swear we look like a lesbian couple here.
Nana looks damn macho like a "girls-are-just-girls-like-to-camwhore-non-stop-whatever" face!

Cute solo shot of me! ^^

This was damn lol.
I was like, "ehh, Audrey, I cannot see your face."

Love my eyebrows :)
Totally nothing to do with the BD celebration,
but I just want to say I love thick and light colour brows!!

He looks a lil like Stephen Chow ah? lol!

Edmund Sezxyouup

Everyone drinking the "Blow Job".

That's Chloe's hairband.
DAMN SWEET looking right?
Just $5 from Milly's.

When Shanling is around,
you got to brace yourself for a series of camwhore.

Oi, my nose is real hor.
But I don't know why cannot press down.

Wah, nana your eyelashes!!
And Shanling machiam geisha.

This is a who-say-I-cannot-smile-w-my-lips-closed-face.

This is the most LOL picture ever.

Audrey decided to join in the fun.

And Shanling managed to find her a head gear.
(I don't know why Shan has so many ribbons etc in her bag)

It was quite difficult to fit 4 people into my camera.
Mine isn't fitted with a wide angle lens.
So bobian, nana had to sacrifice to be in the foreground-sideways-bigfaced-angle.

Both nana and Audrey looks funny here.

The foreground-sideways-bigfaced-angle again.

Spot the polar bear.

We all agreed that Audrey was looking like ghost that day..
Look like those jap ghost with patchy white skin.
(she was allergic to Balieys that's why)

And she tried to carry me.
"Eh girl ah,.. I gained a lil bit of weight already ah!"
I hope she didn't sprain her waist or something. Lol.

Edmund was being girly, and decided to challenge Audrey to a wear 1 stocking competition.
Okaylah, both legs looking chio.

TRYING to ooze some sex appeal.

I love nana's short hair.
Stylo at ALL ANGLES.
It's kinda sad that we have different hair types.
Mine's the fine-fine-mi-mi kind. :(
Whereas her's the tough and thick kind.

We made a pact to not drink too much alcohol that night.
So, we made coke "float" using whipped cream.
Though sinful, but damn tasty laa!
(P.s. That's my skirt, as a backdrop.)

Last picture (from Chloe's camera) before leaving.
See? We have matching bottom!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

After Goodwood Park Hotel,
we decided to grab some supper before heading home.

See this familiar view of Marina Bay Sands?
We were at Overeasy!
The restaurant outside ButterFactory.


Omg the cheeze.

Extra spicy chicken wing.
*niapz x2*

Haysack skinny fries.
I absolutely loveee this dish!
*niapz x3*

That's all for the night!


  1. Fun!
    I want to drink with you & your friends someday  :-P

  2. hi girl, can I know where u do your brow? cos I prefer thicker brow too.

  3. Hey! I do my brows myself. People at the parlours ALWAYS/NEVERFAILTO/MUST screw my brows up. I trust myself more! I'll do a tutorial soon! :) Wait up!