Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My laptop..

is SO NOT ready! Gahhh! It's so freaking irritating!! And I'm so pissed about the agreed-and -not-deliver-idea from a service company. Yikes! I thought Dell's service is suppose to be damn good? Oh, so the culprit should be Courts Extended Warranty! Damn! %^*@%^$*!#@^
The simplicity I once had
to be desirable to your fragile soul, was long gone

But ah wells,
it's great for my studies though. =S One less distraction, out of many other potential distractions, is so comforting. Yea right. Sigh, mid-sem is just 1 week away,..
so little time, so little motivation. Goodness. Doubt I can even get a GPA of 3.2 at the end of my poly life. !!!!! Bad bad. Ought to study.
But I don't ask for much, neither can I give you much
You're a special someone

Regarding the removal of my tagboard,..
I think, I need some quiet time. Right. As though the lack of updates are not quiet enough yea? But yah,.. =) Kindda at a rather difficult situation (emotionally). Gahh, it's SO-NOT-JOCELYN yea? But whatever!
You know what you adore, the decision is yours
Boy, don't make me your bitter pill

Alright people! Goodnights! =) Study hard yea??
Be happy..

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