Friday, May 6, 2011

Reminiscences of yesteryears..

Those secondary school years were bitter-sweet,
so here are the 'sweetness'.

I shall not say much. 
I hope y'all enjoy 'em as much as I do. :)

(Just so you know, I am not the short skirt ankle socks kind.)


I was either 15 or 16 in those pictures.
Have I aged? :/

I looked so adorable and not main-stream lo.
I played tennis, went to the libraries and flew kites..

Till today, I still don't understand how people love to say nasty stuff to/at/about me then.
I'm glad those days are over.


  1. You have aged but you don't look old. mostly now you are a beautiful woman instead of a cute/pretty teenager. ♥
    We all get older, hopefully we can all do so with some grace and dignity. You certainly have. ^^

  2. Hey toker53, thanks for your compliment. :) But I don't quite get the 'get old with dignity part'. lol Care to enlighten me?

  3. ur secondary sch photo are so cute :)

  4. hey the girl in spec look real familliar~ either she was on tv before or she is a sister of a friend~^.^

  5. Thank you Mr Nice Guy!

    To Anonymous,
    you prolly seen her in my facebook or past blog entry. She's not on TV, and her brother is in UK for many years already!! Hah!

  6. Wow u look v pretty even way back in Sec Sch! And got a bigger tinge of sportiness back! Nice! :)

  7. Hey ZZZQY, thank you! I played a lil tennis and swam a lil last time. Lol, which made me very much tanner as compared to now..

  8. SCrew those who made those nasty rumors about you back then. Must be some nasty jealous biatch or a smart alex making some cock and bull story.