Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day to all the Mothers out there!! ♥

Hey dolls! It's Mothers' Day today. :)

Due to the big family that I have, we have already celebrated on Thursday (My mum's plan. She said the market gna be super crowded on Saturday given that most family gna eat together.). My mum loves to joke about how people or the media love to make a big hooha about Mothers' Day, and nobody gives two hoots about Fathers' Day. lol! True. 

So, what have y'all gotten for your mothers this Mothers' Day?
Mine's easy. She hinted about wanting a particular fruit blender (and about how good it is, don't have to cut the fruit into pieces, and about the 101 benefits of drinking juices). And then proceed with telling me the cost. $199. LOL! 

My eldest sister got my mum a wok --___-- , 
and the other elder sister got my mum a mini rice cooker --______--||| .
Yes. All the kitchen-y stuffs. 

And she used the same hinting technique. lol 
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