Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trust? [updated]

My boyfriend is in Bangkok for work and the shittiest thing happened.
He texted me last night, and I reckon he sent it to the wrong person (me) by accident.

The message went like this,...

"I remember now. I am rabbit!
Hey. Sorry. Really sorry for everything!
But believe me. I was very serious about you last time."

I texted back immediately asking if he sent it to the wrong person.
And there was no reply until his call 30 minutes later.
Saying someone used his phone to prank, 
and that he didn't know till now as the phone ran out of batt, he had to charge.

Sad to say but I don't buy that at all. :(
Who would prank such a serious yet random message?
People with him were all older than 28.
Honestly, I am super unsettled and it hurt so bad.
Sigh, I just need an outlet by blogging this out.

Uggh, I love him so much.


Hey, just want to clear some air. 
I managed to find out the truths after much effort. And indeed my intuition was right.
He did contacted a girl of Thai nationality (not Thaiclub girl) that he once dated before.
It was devastating, because I did mention umpteen times for him to not contact her before and during the trip.

Anyway, cut the long story short. I am not going to break up with him.
End no mood to write zz. 


  1. don't be hurt bout the message

    be hurt bout how he lied bout the message

  2. girl, try not to think too much. too often girls worry about problems that were not even there. or worst, create them.

  3. Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you

  4. i understand how u feel ): smth similar happened to me too. found their msgs on fb. he even told her she is the most special person when he promised he won't contact her ever again.. sigh~ felt so hurt and betrayed at that point of time. In the end i still forgave him and we carried on being tgt..

    And i tell u the aftermath is shittt!! all the insecurity issues.. u need alottt of energy to fight all these man.. sometimes i wish i would use those energy back then to start anew~

    anw cheer up and all the best!!!

  5. If I may humbly recommend you a book to read - his needs her needs. The book explains how to prevent affairs and how to recover from one as a couple. It's a Christian book though but very practical. Can go to trumpet praise ask for it.. Cheers..

  6. Cheer up !! Maybe things are not that bad..Good luck !!

  7. Don't be too upset. Cheer up!

  8. Not trying to add salt to your wounds but HOW CAN HE LIE AND CONTACT THE GIRL WHEN HE PROMISED NOT TO?! I understand how you feel, it's like so damn hurtful la. If he didn't send to you by mistake, he might even secretly meet up with that other girl and delete everything. You CANNOT trust him too easily already.

    (Really not trying to spoil your r/s, I'm just being honest)

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