Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Official Launch of Ladies Night @ Avalon. 011212.

I can't believe I am actually blogging about Avalon after so much bullshit they've given me.

I have nothing good to say about Avalon as far as clubbing experience goes. (Well, actually I do have something good to say, I love the view - outside the club.) I shall talk more about why Avalon isn't a place for clubbing in a separate entry, so meanwhile, enjoy the pictures. ^^

Anyway, just a little info,
the girls in the pictures are bottle servers of Avalon.
Though I am no longer with Avalon, these cuties are still there!

FYI x2, Avalon's ladies night happens on Thursdays.

Fun things that night was:
1. I get to dress slutty and it was okay
2. Someone sent a bouquet of 99 roses to Avalon for me
3. Nicole Chen was spinning
4. I have friends who help took pictures of me
5. The GM at Avalon insisted that I worked in a KTV club before
6. I quit Avalon

Okay okay, let's get started! :)

Her dance is so sex, it is crazy. And I look like a dwarf beside her. -__- sad

That's Janel in the middle and Brigette on the side.
Janel is the new girl who recently joined Avalon. And Brigette is one fun loving person. Catch her at Avalon or Mink on wednesday, she sure make you laugh till you flip. lol

This is Chelsea.

That is Suki on the right.
Like me, she was from the pioneer batch of bottle servers and Avalon's current lead server.

This is Fabian, my cousin.

Tsy & Canny :)

Alrighty, that's all I have from that night. Hope y'all like my outfit.

The theme that night was Burlesque.
(Which was why I added that vainity mole on my cheek bone. You see, I was lacking the Burlesque feel before I dot the dot. lol )

It's quite sad that only Iva and I took the theme seriously. The other baby girls didn't put in the extra extra effort to dress up. :( Not steady. #justsaying
But then again, not everyone (unlike me), is a fan of playing dress up.
*if you know what I mean* *raise eyebrows*

But before I go, let's play spot-the-difference.


(Click to get a larger view of the picture. Haha!)

Goodnight sweet corns!


  1. I love bridgette's tattoos and chelsea is so pretty!

    1. That picture don't do Chelsea justice. She's much pretty than that! Stalk her on Facebook!

  2. nice outfit..it is a lost for avalan that you quit..

    1. Hey MrNiceGuy! I am so happy that you're still around. Laughs!!! And yep, thanks for your compliments. ^^

  3. LOL! why you quit sia
    now bumming ah?

    1. Quit lo. I'll blog about it after CNY. They are wasting my time as much as I am getting on their nerves. Haha! Yep, you can say that. As of now, I am bumming.. :D