Thursday, October 6, 2011


Though I am never a romantic person, I do have romantic dreams. :D Like many other girls, I often go into a daze, thinking about my wedding day, starting a family and raising my children. Will I be pretty on my wedding day?! Omg I am so excited about my wedding despite it being no where near, yet. Haha. Contrary to my very spontaneous character, the ideal wedding I have in my mind is a very classic and traditional white wedding - with pastel coloured roses, champagne, cakes and many other little treats (preferably w no balloons at all, and I don't like lilies too).

So, what is your ideal wedding?
Is it going to be a secret affair, or a extravagant event at a boutique hotel?
Share it with me! :)


  1. u look so pretty.......

  2. I would like to have a secret affair with you

  3. I am probably a hopeless romantic but I do aspire to have my ideal wedding day with that special someone. Even in the simplicity of weddings can be an extravagant affair. The wedding scene from "Letters to Juliet" has such an imaginative charm, a banquet with friends and family, in the italian countryside, basking in the late afternoon sun. Classic!
    (no balloons allowed)

  4. You're the most beautiful bride in the world...

  5. Thanks for all your compliments. :)
    And Jeremy, thank you for your input. It is lovely.

  6. you look really gorgeous in that wedding photo, somehow words cant describe the beauty of the picture. anyway, in my opinion, ideal wedding would be by the beach on a cool day during sunset moment when the sky is in a range of warm hues and the tides are low. everyone would be barefoot and flower petals decorating the wedding scene. then you know what comes next (;

    Best regards, Shawn

  7. u look so beautiful in the wedding gown ;p

  8. You look so pretty! <3

    As for my wedding, I want it to be unique. I want to wear a red dress instead of white. I want the entourage to wear Victorian-inspired dresses with the long balloon skirts! :))