Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lollipop Reinvented ft. DJ DIM SUM (Prive HK) @ Zirca

Hello :) Most of you should probably know that Vibe Parties have moved to a new location on Wednesday nights! So, here's a simple picture coverage I've got for y'all!!
(p.s. I was drinking, dancing, and partying my night away most of the time,
pardon me for the lack of photos!)

Party like a pop star
with Jocelyn Kau (Vibe Parties) @ Zirca!!! 1 Dec 10

(Click to see the details on my event page)
Vibe Presents: Lollipop Reinvented
ft. DJ DIM SUM (Prive HK)

Vibe Parties started Zirca with a bam!
We had DJ DIM SUM on set to launch our first night at Zirca!

 That's Kai and myself!
Sorry I look a little weird in that eye make up.
I have to admit that my eyes were too big for my fleshless face. :(
I was just trying something new ah!

When ever I see Apple. I concluded that life is unfair.
She's GORGEOUS. :(

Sally ^_^
She looks so cute huh.

Winnie! :)

This is Gdine. She's such a sweeet girl! :)

Jojo Lai. :)

I look horrible in this picture, but whatever!
I just want to say that I feel so fortunate to be friends with so many pretty people.


The night went on amazing with booze, music, dancing and all.

I can't wait for the next party :)


I'm in touch with Vibe Parties, which are the organisers for Zirca on Wednesday nights!
So, feel free to contact me via Facebook message if you are coming down to Zirca on Weds.
And, keep a look out for event pages with my name. (haha)
Special privileges and priorities will be given to you :)

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