Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Did y'all see UP's movie trailer? If you haven't, please press play and WATCH IT!
It's awesome! So funny! So entertaining! So light-hearted! So aaaddooorraable!

Since the first time I saw UP's movie trailer in the cinema like a month ago, I've been wanting to watch it so badly. Can't wait for the launch of this animation!

"Knock, knock, knock. Please let me in.."

Haha! Classic.

Check out the main characters.

1. Carl Fredrickson
The grumpy 78 year old balloon salesman. Laughs! He seemed to hate the whole world, and want to be alone. So interested to see how him, having such personality, is going to get along with the fat junior explorer, Russel.

2. Russell
The short and fat junior explorer. I find him EXTREMELY CUTE. Look at those badges and high socks! And his voice in the trailer! Haha."Please let me in.." "No." Unforgettable. Lol. He seems so honest, helpful, talkative and all.. Wonder how the old man gna tolerate him.

3. Dug

The talking, nerdy golden retriever!

4. Kevin

And, the big bird! Lol.

Great stuff yea?
The animation and each of the unique characters in the movie.
I so have to watch it! And best part, it will be screened in 3D! Interesting.

Visit their website! =)
UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009

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